Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Andrew is the BEST Dad!

He has the magic touch when Carson is worked up, he isn't afraid of changing diapers (although if you were to ask him he would tell you otherwise), he will carry the diaper bag (my handbag), he is a park regular, and usually is the one pushing the stroller-lucky me. I am so proud that he is the Father of our Son.

It is so awesome for me to see them interact and play together.
Every time Carson sees Andrew, he just lights up...apparently I evoke the opposite response (see pic. below)

One of a kind artwork for Daddy by Carson Andrew Morgan

When I get big, I want to be just like you, and someday soon I will be as big as you! xoxo 'lil C

I thought it would be a fun tradition to take pictures of Carson in the shirt that Andrew wore to the hospital the day he was born, Carson wasn't too happy about it but as a result they are very candid...that's real life for you.

He's not sure whether to laugh, or cry. The funny thing is that I was trying to bribe him the M&M's and that didn't work as well as I had hoped.

Oh, looks like crying won. I think he is still cute even when he is mad.

What did you do for Dad? Do you have any Father's Day traditions?


Alexis said...

That is a really cute idea with the shirt thing. We don't have any traditions. It usually turns out to be a normal Sunday with cranky kids that don't sleep, but I got diaper duty all day. I love the pictures, so cute!

The Strazzos said...

What a cute tradition! It will be fun to watch him grow into that shirt!! Hope you guys are doing well. - Jami

Chris and Lisa said...

I love that tradition - it will be so fun to see him grow. I wish I had thought of doing something like that. And LOVE the pix of andrew with Carson in the sling - priceless. He IS a good daddy, isn't he!!