Thursday, March 27, 2008


Late Easter Sunday, Carson and I went with Andrew's mom and brother to meet her side of the family in Cayucos. We are normally there for all of Spring Break but cut our trip short because of Andrew's Grandpa's 80th Birthday. As a result, Andrew wasn't able to join us but he sure was missed!
It was fun to see Carson's reaction to the beach. He loved walking in the sand and didn't even mind the water rushing onto his little feet. I was apprehensive about him wanting to eat mouthfuls of sand but he tasted in once and I think he decided that it didn't taste very good, so that was a relief for me.


Our beach bum having some fun in the sun.


AshbyFamily said...

It's so fun when the kids discover new things!

Alexis said...

He looks so much bigger. I am so jealous that we got to go to the beach. I really do miss Cali, and you guys!

Laura Smith said...

I can't believe how much bigger Carson looks every time I see him! I swear, every week he's different, his hair is getting long!