Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We spent Thanksgiving with both of our immediate families, 18 people in all. I love this time of year because of traditions and family gatherings. My mom rented a shabby chic farmhouse in Murphys, CA for the week. The restored farmhouse was built in 1861 and was nestled in a Provence-like garden setting complete with covered porches, patio and extensive landscape grounds.

We had the best time stuffing our faces, and not just on Thanksgiving day. Whenever my mom is around we are well fed. She got up early every morning and made us gourmet breakfasts and waited on us like we were at a bed and breakfast...I could get used to that. Thanks mom!
Sisters shopping in downtown Murphys.

The farmhouse grounds and had tons of cool historic places for pictures. The building behind Sabrina at one point was an Italian store, post office and a Wells Fargo.

The boys even got to practice their golf swing.


Julia Kelly said...

How fun! I just love how mom's spoil us. Looks beautiful!

Alexis said...

Tiff, you look BEAUTIFUL! The picture of you and your sis, HOT!

Liz and Scott said...

That sounds like so much fun. Your family always goes to such neat places for vacation. To echo Alexis, you look beautiful in that picture. And yes, we REALLY need to get together and do something. We haven't seen each other since the Halloween party!

The Lamb Family said...

Looking good, guys! Carson looks like he is photogenic too!