Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Six Months

We can't believe that Carson is already 6 months old!
Really, where does the time go??

We bought a goldfish yesterday and Carson absolutely loves it. When he sees it swimming he squeals with delight, it is too cute.
He is also doing much better sitting up all by himself.
What a daredevil, no hands.


April said...

He is such a cutie!!! Time has really gone fast. How fun that you guys got a fish... starting out slow with the pets idea, huh? :)You beat us... we don't have anything yet, and it might have to stay that way for awhile. :)

Masha, Jeff and Andre said...


Good to see your blog. How are you guys going?

Carson is so cute! Don't they grow so fast?
I can't believe Andre is 17 months, it seems like I just had him. We are also expecting #2 in April.

What are you guys doing up in northern CA? I am so jealous, I would trade living in LA any day for living up there. :)

Tell Andrew hi

Mortimer's said...
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Mortimer's said...

Carson is so cute and he is getting so big. I can't wait to see you guys at your Christmas Party!

Tierra Lowry said...

Is he really 6 months? Really? I can't believe when I first met you, you were ready to pop. The time sure does go fast doesn't it? He's a doll. Always is.