Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9 months

Where did our little boy go? 

This one now has 5 1/2 teeth, crawls (like a pirate with a wooden leg...it's quite hilarious!), "talks" as the kids like to say, pulls up to standing, feeds himself finger foods and is an absolute joy to be around--unless I want to go out of his line of site then forget about it because his world falls apart!  

Owen truly is a joy to be around and is pretty content as long as he's not left alone in a room.  He lights up our world and is loved and adored by all especially Caitlin who dotes on him and says at least ten times a day "Owen is so cute!" or "my little brother is so cute!"

Time please slow down! Pretty please!

This part is for me--his schedule consists of waking up between 6:20-7 ( i don't mind the early hour except when he wakes up on the days I run, before I leave to run)
Eats breakfast and hangs out until 9ish then he'll take his first NAP
Usually an hour if I'm lucky but today it was close to 2 so I was happy about that!
2nd nap close to 2pm
Bedtime 7:30-8
Wakes up at 11pm for a bottle

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Carrie said...

Wow! He does look so grown up! I just love that first picture! So sweet!