Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Girl BED

Ever since Owen has been born, he has been sleeping in a porta crib because Caitlin was still in her crib.  You see, I had bought a bed on Craiglist a year prior but I hadn't had the time to paint it until recently.  After working on it for a few days, sanding, caulking, painting, and waxing it was finished and ready to be used!

We had been talking to Caitlin about the transition to a big girl bed so naturally she was excited. At first she wasn't sure what to think of the bed but that didn't last long!  She was so happy and after the first night, I overheard her in her room when she woke up saying that her bed was "so cute!"

Along with sleeping in her new bed, she no longer got to have her binkie {she only had it at night but was pretty dependent on it} I was worried that she would cry and beg for it like she had in the past but she has done great without it!

She is such a princess and is even staying in bed with her new found freedom.  We love her and can't believe how grown up she's getting! (2 going on 12!)

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Kierstin said...

Sounds like it was a smooth transition! Good work on the bed.