Thursday, March 8, 2012


Caitlin is two! {although when you ask her how old she is she says "five!"}

She was super excited about her party and could hardly wait for the cake! We had a little combined birthday celebration with family for her and uncle Alex whose b-day is on valentine's day.

She is a shy one but loved everyone singing to her.

When presented with her cake it was priceless when she bent down for a bite with no hands...didn't want to get them dirty I guess.

love her little feet!

She was sick on her official birthday but between naps we enjoyed playing at the park and riding the train; something she requests to do every Tuesday (how does she know when it's Tuesday? My guess she that she caught on that's when we take Carson to school)

Miss Cait is a pistol! She is determined, headstrong, sensitive and oh so smart! She can count to 20, loves books and is very well spoken~unless you're a stranger and then she won't say a thing; just give you a stare down. She loves all things girly and especially clothes, lip gloss and nail polish. She is very affectionate always telling us she loves us. She such a sweet big sister and loves both of her brothers to pieces! We all love her too!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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Kristin said...

Happy birthday Caitlin! I've been thinking about you Tiff! Hope the adjustment to three is going well, it looks like you are doing great! Caitlin is adorable as ever and Icant believe she's two! And counting to 20? Seriously? That's really amazing! And Owen is a doll too! Miss you tons!