Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Name and a Blessing

We had such a wonderful with family! We blessed Owen and are lucky to live so close to our families! We attempted a family picture but I am learning that it is nearly impossible to get everyone to cooperate-so we're keeping it real! Ha-ha, our life is CRAZY!

some of the fam

Carson loves cousin Ava

Afterwards we had our families over for dinner.
Little did Owen know that our party was just for him!

We had soups, bread, salad, fruit and the best of course was dessert! I tried a few new soup recipes and gave out the Lasagna Soup recipe 8 times...I was delicious so I thought I'd share!

Also, this cake, Chocolate Oreo Cream Cake {if the name isn't appealing enough} was AMAZING! I'm really not just saying that, Carson who doesn't have much of an appetite and whom I can't ever bribe with dessert wanted more--I've never been so proud!

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LISA said...

Congratulations on baby #3!
Your blog is always so fun to read on my blog browsing days. I love your humor, your ideas, and think the world of you. The "keepin it real" picture - CLASSIC.