Saturday, January 7, 2012

1 month

Our little man as I like to call him is one month already! We love his squeaky voice and little noises. The kids think it"s funny when you burp, toot and poop-of course! You eat every 3-4 ours but the whole process takes about an hour so it feels more like you eat more often! He weighs over 10lbs. and i s very strong. He loves to arch his back and can lift his head up and hold it for quite some time. We all love our little Owen!


timandchelsieorr said...

What a great combination of Carson and Caitlin, he is sooo cute! And another blue eyed baby right?

Tiffani said...

Looks like he will have blue eyes chela! Too soon to tell though...kind of fun getting recessive traits!