Saturday, September 24, 2011

Caitlin's favorites

She loves to dance and wants music on all the time! It's really cute! She is also really into accessories.

Sunday I was wearing a necklace and went to put her into her car seat and she saw it and said, "mine" while patting her I got her one. The awesome thing is that she keeps them on! She is tough and kind of crazy but 100% girly which I love!

She is also an Elmo junkie, liking the short burst only offered from Youtube instead of a whole show, which is great but doesn't let you get much done in 2 minutes!

She also enjoys playing with play dough and these days will repeat almost everything you say...she's getting to be a talker which is nice because now we have a better idea of what she wants!

Caitlin loves to play at the park and swing REALLY high on the swings! If we're not pushing her high enough, she'll say, "more, more!" until she is sky high.

After dropping Carson off at pre-school the other day we headed straight for the park before it got too hot. Side note, she LOVES her brother; cries when he leaves and is super excited when she sees him again...he is obviously way more exciting than we are!

She had fun just doing her thing and I enjoyed watching her and following her around making sure she didn't hurt herself climbing.

We just love her!

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me said...

I just love her too! She is so adorable! Those are some amazing pictures Tiff! Nice job! We need to hang out so You can give me some picture taking tips! Miss you so much! Love ya!