Sunday, July 10, 2011

Red, White and Blue!

got a sun spot...too bad it's right in Carson's face!

We enjoyed a pretty mellow 4th weekend. Attended church on Sunday and then Monday, our church had a pancake breakfast and flag ceremony in the morning and then we relaxed and forced naps knowing that the kids would be up late.

cannot get this girl to smile!

We went to our sister in-law (the one and only; aka Robin) brother Jason's place to swim and BBQ.

Carson is such a great swimmer now, we call him our super swimmer! We're so proud of him!

Carson loves fire so was explaining to everyone that when it got dark we could light the fireworks. He couldn't get enough of the fireworks.

The start of the show!

Caitlin on the other hand wasn't quite sure what to think of them! After her first initial reaction of fear to more than sparklers, I held her on my lap and covered her ears.
She was still expressionless {she has the blue steel thing down} but I think she enjoyed them.

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