Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fairytale Town

Such attitude! Stubborn, independent little thing but she warms up soon enough!

Weather here has been fall-like cool and I have been enjoying it! We headed to Fairytale Town yesterday and had fun leisurely exploring.

go-go gadget arms!

A couple fun memories include:

-"The sheep look dead!"-Carson

-Caitlin being charge by chickens, Caitlin terrified running into me and knocking me over! (In my defense, I was kneeling). These chickens were not aware of personal space!

-"Stay out of the water Cait, I don't want a crocodile to get you!"-Carson
He is super protective and it is cute!

When I was a kid the crooked mile was my long is it really though?
Carson loves Owl's House and the Pirate ship
Caitlin is content to just run around

We had fun! Although they leave me exhausted, I love my kids!

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