Friday, March 25, 2011

We brush our teeth

Caitlin loves her toothbrush. The other day she made her way to the bathroom, climbed up on the stool, found her toothbrush and started brushing...she must take after her mom! When I was in kindergarten, my mom got called in for a special parent-teacher meeting. The teacher asked my mom if I was allowed to brush my teeth at home. I obviously was and my mom confirmed this. The teacher went on to explain that I frequently raised my hand in order to get permission to go to the bathroom. After awhile the teacher was curious about my bathroom habits so she checked on me...she found me brushing my teeth! Apparently whenever I ate something, even something small I would brush my teeth. In my defense I was just being an obedient child and doing what my mom had taught me-brush after you eat!


chels said...

So cute! And I imagine she may have a certain matching obsession her mommy also had when she was little...haha! Her headband is adorable by the way!

Tyler & Lisa said...

That's funny...I'm a firm believer in brushing a lot too! So funny thing....I was reading your post and Kai saw the picture of you on the right, pointed and said, "Mommy!" I will totally accept that! ;)