Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We signed Carson up to play t-ball and today was his first day! For the next four weeks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons he has t-ball. His friend {the other Carson} is also on his "team" so that was fun for them. Due to the plentiful rain storms we have had lately, the field was too wet and muddy so they met on the black top instead.

I love the expression on Carson Lowe's face!

After meeting coach Celeste she had them warm up and then gave them a 10 second water break.

Today, she went through the basics; throwing (parent participation required which is kind of tricky when you have a little one too), running bases, hitting the ball, and outfield "biting like an alligator."

in "outfield" just waiting

When one of the boys would hit the ball all of the kids would congregate to the ball and forgetting who had actually hit it and then they all ran around; as expected...it was amusing to watch!

waiting for their turn to bat

When it was Carson's turn to bat he hit the ball and then paused forgetting to run. By the time he started running; despite his speed a boy had captured the ball and was chasing him as he was approaching 3rd base. Carson had this look of determination on his face and even after he was tagged kept running.

He told me, "that boy was chasing me!" I don't think he really understood what was going on! One practice down and Carson had fun! As we were leaving the school Carson told me "I like my coach, she was nice!"...he may or may not have been influenced by the dum-dum he was sucking at the time :)

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