Saturday, December 4, 2010

Visit with Santa

Today we went to visit Santa! We have the book, Elf on the book for encouraging good behavior.

It comes with an elf who is the eyes and ears of Santa! Carson named our elf Buddy-like the movie Elf and enjoys showing him things and impessing him throughout the day with how good he can be. Definetly recommend this fun tradition! Buddy "flies" to report to Santa each night and Carson was anxious to see the big man himself!

Carson told Santa (just as he tells us numerous times each day) that he wants a light saber--a pretend light saber.

Later, Carson said, "Santa even knew my name, that's funny!"

Caitlin checked Santa out and immediately looked forward and cried! First time she has shown starnger anxiety, poor thing!

After visiting with Santa a singing Elf made a balloon candy cane that Carson LOVES!

Next stop was Elf's workshop to make ornaments

Ending at Mrs. Claus's Kitchen to decorate gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate.

Thanks Eric for living in Whitney Ranch!

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