Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What a fun weekend! We sure have so much to be grateful for! The day before Thanksgiving, Carson had a few friends over for a play date and we made Indian headpieces. Upon completion, the boys were happy and even started chanting a rain dance song. Carson was so thoughtful and said, "mom, what about Caitlin? where's her hat?" So, I made one for her too.

Thanksgiving morning, I went for a run with some friends. I am glad that I was able to go because I have been too busy to exercise and Andrew sacrificed playing football so that I could run, he really is the best! We had to bundle up because it was freezing!

The best part about Thanksgiving is that we live near both of our families. While this could be stressful it has worked out nicely in years past to include both of our families in one place for a combined Thanksgiving because who really wants to drive back and forth and stuff yourself twice, not me!

My siblings and I aren't often in the same place at once...too bad Cait was pulling my hair!
(she ended up with a handful-it really hurt!)

I am truly blessed to have such great kids and an amazing guy to share them with!
Just realized that Andrew and Carson sure are tricky dressing in layers making it look like the pictures were from a different day!

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