Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 months

Can it be, another month come and gone! It was more challenging getting a picture of Cait due to her increasing mobility...she doesn't sit still!

Cait loves to stand and has even begun to balance for up to 10 seconds before plopping down on her bottom, then getting up to try it all again.

She also enjoys bath time and the swings at the park.

Cait can feed herself her bottle and anything else she can make to her mouth before I realize {like moss from the tree, paper and random specks of dirt she finds around the house.} She has eight teeth, 8! She doesn't really play with toys, instead enjoys cruising around getting into trouble!

We are excited to share her first Christmas with her; although she probably won't be interested in her gifts for long as I am confident that she is going to love the Christmas wrapping paper!

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