Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monterey Getaway

On Thursday, my friends Liz & I crammed our kids into my car (we were determined to fit) and took the kids to her parents' beach house in Monterey. We spent two incredible days there!

After we arrived at the house, we immediately took a walk down to the beach - the sky was beautiful! Carson always enjoys the beach and technically it was Caitlin's first time and let's just say it didn't take her long before she had a fistful of sand in her mouth!

It was a much needed break from life and I thoroughly enjoyed my time away with my kids.

Can you believe the sunset? Breathtaking!

Our second day in Monterey, we woke up & went to breakfast at First Awakenings. We all shared an order of huevos rancheros & wheatberry pancakes w/ fresh strawberries & whip cream - so good!

Funny story; while we were at breakfast the kids were pretty good and Cait was her usual happy self with plenty of happy squeals. Well, a booth near ours was full of aged ladies and one of them yelled {rather loud} "shut-up!"...she was yelling at Cait. We and everyone near us including her friends couldn't believe it. Some people are just too rude!

I mean who could yell at her?

After breakfast, we went to Dennis the Menace Park to play.

I have always heard great things about this park and it held up to it's reputation. This park is creative and so much fun. We all had a blast!

I love them!
This slide was very popular - there were always kids on it. It was so funny watching the kids go down it b/c they would bounce, & their cheeks would shake all the way down.

While I studied everyone took naps and then we walked back to the beach. I was unaware of this but I guess Carson was being protective of his beach toys resulting in shovel battles with Will.

Besides un-relentlessly digging and at times stabbing the sand; we played freebie, Carson found a dead jelly fish, played with some sea weed and wrote the letter "c" for Carson in the sand.

I was so proud of him because we have been trying to work on his letters and I honestly didn't think that they were sinking in; I guess I was wrong!

I love this picture of Liz. I was playing with Cait and saw he with the boys and just had to capture the fun!

There is just something so nostalgic about the beach...we just got home and already can't wait to go back!

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Liz said...

I'm so glad you guys could come - it was so much fun!