Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

Being in school has made me thankful for an extra freezer. Besides always having ice cream on hand, I have been able to pre-make meals and just place in the oven to bake. I have also experimented with pre-making sandwiches (sounds gross but by the time they defrost it's lunchtime!)

I never thought I would be too busy to cook, but if we didn't have the extra room we wouldn't eat till real late and no one wants that! Did I forget to mention that I was ecstatic when we bought a freezer a few months back...I MUST be getting old!


The McKiernan's said...

wow!!! That is so much food! Look how organized you are too :)

Tony and Courtney Bozzuto said...

you're gonna have to post some of your recipes. I'm always wanting new food ideas and ones you can freeze is even better.