Monday, October 18, 2010

Free time

With me in school, time is precious because I never seem to have enough of it! This weekend, amidst studying and such we managed to spend time doing what I like best just hanging out.

Saturday, while Andrew was watching football by Carson's request we made candied apples. They turned out great (I don't do candy after several failed attempts but these worked!). However, I now know that I prefer caramel apples.

Sunday we made a few Halloween crafts which as you can tell, Carson was really into.

The weather has been bizarrely hot for fall and Sunday was crisp and cool and it even rained so we went outside to play in the rain, I knew we wouldn't melt so why not?!

The weekend is always what I need to semi-recharge and I love spending it with my kids because they make me happy!

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Lisa said...

So cute Tiff! Hey, by the way...did you see the picture of you at Halloween on my blog dated October 11th. It's a cutie!