Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Superhero Cake

Carson's birthday is quickly approaching and since we are "Calling all Superhero's" it seems only appropriate that we have a superhero cake. For his party I have been letting him make choices; for example he chose green card stock for the invites and green plates...I however vetoed his selection of pink napkins when we where at the store but now I am thinking I should not care if he wanted pink napkins...but in my defense I didn't want anyone thinking that I am going pink crazy since having a girl so they stayed at Party City.

Back to cakes.

My favorite is this:

Carson's favorite is this:

Wish me luck as I attempt to create the ultimate superhero cake. I have to admit that his looks like it would be easier to make. Stay tuned to the final product.

Does anyone know how far in advance you can make a birthday cake?


Blake and Erin said...

Tiffani, you can totally do either one of those cakes!! I just started working with fondant, and it's so much easier than I thought! The only problem with carson's fav, is that there are a lot of different colors, but small amounts, so you buy a bunch of fondant and not use it all. Unless you decide you want to color it... I haven't done that yet, it scares me!! You have to work with it fairly fast, so the thought of kneeding in color, and then rolling and laying it out/ cutting it, makes me nervous. But I'm sure you'd do a fantastic job!!! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Katie said...

Don't buy's so easy to make and tastes so much better than the store bought! AND once you make it, you can store any leftover in the fridge for up to 6 months. Buy one bag of Marshmellows- don't use the store brand, it must be the Kraft. One bag of Powdered sugar and a couple tablespoons of water. Melt marshmellows and water in a large bowl in the microwave. Grease your counter with criso, lots of it. Pour half the bag of powdered sugar in a pile on the counter and make a well in the middle. Grease your hands well too, then pour the melted marshmellows into the center and start working in he pwd sugar. Yes, this is messy! Add more pwd sugar as you need to until you get a consistency of playdoh. Once you have it all mixed, smear criso all over it and wrap with waxed paper and store in a bag.