Thursday, May 27, 2010

Neighborhood Posse

Carson is lucky to have so many friends and even luckier that a few live in our neighborhood. These girls live across the street and will come over about once a week just to play with Carson and to chat with me {which makes me feel good that they don't think if me as old.}

Hailey and Kelsey getting their Caitlin fix.

My mom gave him my brother's barely used Jeep for Christmas and since then all he wants to do is ride it and I rarely let him because it requires me to constantly bend over so that he doesn't a) crash into anything or more often than not b) get run over by a car (mainly because he ignores me while I yell, "STOP!" and the top of my lungs and because when he drives he is enjoying the scenery instead of watching where he is going.)

The other day he was the most popular kid on the block when he brought the Jeep out of seclusion. At one point he was driving 5 kids around until he backed up into the curb and sent the kid standing on the bumper to the see not the best driver.

Aren't boys the best!

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