Sunday, April 4, 2010


Good morning and Happy Easter!

Easter is here and what a great time because it's easy to have a Christ centered Easter when we are blessed to listen to General Conference and this video is also a great reminder that He Lives!

On Thursday we got together with some friends an had a pre-Easter egg hunt. It was a good thing we did because that was practically the only day the weather was nice. It was the first year that Carson got to hunt for eggs...does that make me a bad parent? I don't think so. We have always done the traditional easter things but in the past I have not felt that he was big enough to "get" the idea of a hunt. Needless to say he was excited!

My sister came with us loved holding Caitlin, even if that meant wearing the Bjorn-something that she was a bit embarrassed about but I explained that no one thought the baby was actually hers!

Continuing with tradition, we made a bunny cake. I give Carson artistic license and let him decorate the cake however he pleases, this year he decided that the bunny should have three eyes...a visting martian bunny perhaps.

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