Friday, April 9, 2010


This past week we were in Cayucos, a small beach town 20 minutes outside of San Luis Obispo. Traditionally, we go for the week of Easter but Andrew's grandma had it rented out that week by accident so we went the day after Easter instead. Due to the last minute change of plans, Andrew wasn't able to come because he had a super busy work week at home. We were sad to go without him but welcomed the get-away all the same. He was so busy that he barely had time to miss us!

I was hesitant to go because Carson had been sick the entire week, it was miserable. Luckily, Andrew's mom drove down with me and was literally my right hand woman and Carson also felt better the day we left, poor thing.

After unpacking, we wasted no time and walked the one block straight down to the beach and let Carson get right to business.

Morro Rock (one of the seven sisters) is in the distance.

The majority of our time was spent down at the beach where we played catch, let the cold water rush on to our feet, flew kites, ate, relaxed, and enjoyed the beauty of the beach.

It is beautiful in Cayucos and especially fun because Andrew's family has been going since his parents were kids themselves!

Here is Caitlin in a dress that Mimi (Steph) had made her and they are even color coordinating!

Isaac helped Carson fly a kite and he was super happy when he was able to fly solo.

One of the days we were there, we drove to Avila Beach one of favorite destinations while there. It was pretty crowded due to spring break but there was plenty of beach for our big group!

My two beach-babies.

Caitlin was busting out of this suit...she sure is getting big!

The morning we took off we went downtown to stroll through the shops and let Carson meet all the sailors.

Carson and the sailors, I just think his little smile is the cutest!

We are already looking forward to next year!


The McKiernan's said...

The picture of Caitlin in her bathing suit is sooo cute! Love her little rolls :)

Blake and Erin said...

What a fun tradition! I love your pictures.... it makes me beach hungry!!!