Sunday, March 21, 2010

1 month

Caitlin is one month today! The dress she is wearing was mine and was given to me by my Grandpa Tom who even today has great fashion sense (a couple years ago he chose and bought a super cute swimsuit for me which happens to be my fav!).

This past month has gone by so fast, looking back it has been a blur. So far she has been a good baby a great eater and a noisy sleeper. She is constantly grunting, tossing, wrestling, and breathing loud which is hard for me because I am such a light sleeper. She loves the bath but naturally doesn't like getting out. Carson is the best big brother and lights up when Caitlin is awake and "looking" at him. He loves to pull her socks off and kiss her toes and tickle her. It is really sweet for me to see him with her. The transition has been about what I expected and I am just beginning to feel worn out, something I fear is only the beginning.


chels said...

She is absolutely beautiful!

kirsten and josh said...

oh my goodness. she is so beautiful.

Alexis said...

I had a dress just like this too. i used it on my cabbage patch doll when I grew up. She is beautiful.