Sunday, January 17, 2010

Days Alive




Just some random numbers?

Well that too, but each number above is how many days that Carson, myself and Andrew have been alive. At first glance the numbers (at least the second two) and at least to me seemed to be rather large but when you think of them in dollars $9,788 or a $1 a day for every day alive it doesn't seem like a very long time at all.

Upon discovering how many days old we were I couldn't help but think of that in the eternal scheme of things we are just babies and that our time on this earth is precious and that although we feel that we have been alive for forever, with a heavenly perspective we know that our time on earth is really only a blink of an eye.

Which brings me to my next train of thought, are we doing all that we should/could to make our days count? Just food for thought.

P.S. We calculated that Carson will be 1,000 days on Feb. 28th and provided that I am not in the hospital having a baby (I really hope she comes before that!) we are thinking of having a little celebration....kind of like an un-birthday party or something just to mix it up, why not right?!

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