Thursday, December 10, 2009

Labor of Love

So we have (practically) finished the baby room. I think it looks great but I am still not loving the's a bit much but I am not repainting as much as I would like to (if someone is feeling ambitious let me know). We'll call this lessons learned: just because you like the picture in the catalog:

doesn't mean you should copy it, stick to what you think. I would have done that we would have a mellower ballet slipper light pink up instead of some shade of cotton candy....I think it's the lighting because it is the exact same color as the picture above, weird.

I also don't think it doesn't look quite so bright in person but maybe that's me trying to make myself feel better. Oh, well. Everything else I think turned out just as I had imagined!

Andrew painted the crib white, thanks honey!

I craigs-listed a new arm chair, sewed curtains, bought bedding,

and my personal favorite, this chandelier that my Dad came over and put up for us and even added a dimmer which will come in handy late at night when you want light but not very much.

The only thing left to do is hang a couple pictures which I still to get white frames for, make a pillow for the arm chair and add her name to the walls.

Now if this baby isn't a girl, we're in BIG trouble


The McKiernan's said...

so cute!!! My girls room is the same colors but with more of the green! Looks adorable and I bet you cant wait til shes in there! Where did you find the chandelier...been looking for one for their room too but there pricey!

Lisa Nelson said...

So cute Tiffany. I remember your mom decorating "Parker's" baby room with pink carpet because they were sure he was a she.....oops!

Chris and Lisa said...

it looks AMAZING!! You did a great job and surely your sweet daughter will LOVE her little retreat. Heck...I want to come live in it!! haha!

Jessica said...

I think it looks great.. you are so talented! Maybe it looks more "pink" because the first picture is two toned with white, mellowing the pink... maybe it was the different lighting. Anyhow, it looks great

Jillian Goulding said...

the room looks great! we love the chandelier...claire has it too:)

Krisitne Poppert said...

Wow..that room looks amazing. Great job!