Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party

Each year we host a white-elephant gift exchange with an intimate number of friends. It's our holiday treat to ourselves because being as Andrew is self-employed we don't exactly have a company party!

From the beginning group there are only a handful of the "originals" because sadly people have moved and each year we miss those that can't come.

Every year has gotten better, I should say funnier!

Last year, was a crazy year and it was the first year we didn't have our party and I looking back I missed it so without hesitation we decided to resume the tradition!

After my final, in preparation for the party I baked some scrumptious treats and tried a new cookie recipe that has an unexpected surprise inside (I will share Tuesday). Carson was a awesome helper rolling peanut butter kisses in sugar for me and opening most of the kisses himself! He had a lazy day with dad in the morning while I was test taking hence the scraggly hair and pj's...don't we all love days like that?

I put together the ornament favors and this year I was boring, no theme sorry....that I forgot to give my guests as they were leaving...oops! I guess I was having to much fun to remember!

After everything was ready to go, as always I anxiously awaited the arrival of our friends, some couldn't come at last minute and they were missed but we didn't let that stop us, let the games begin!

Have you ever wondered how do astronauts relieve themselves while in space? Well, Britt is holding the solution...inappropriately because she thought it looked like a horn!

Catherine REALLY wanted the present she opened but sadly did not get it, I promised it for her birthday so I really hope they still have them!

We had a great time and hope our friends did to.
Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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