Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rewind, then fastward quick!

Thinking back to my life last semester I am amazed first that it was so crazy and second that I survived. This semester has been great! I mean it is still school but the stress level has been almost nothing and I am glad that I stuck with nursing because for awhile I had had too much stress and I was worn out, defeated with my confidence shaken. I am grateful that I have a new teacher and that I get to prove that I don't have a "learning disability." I have only a few weeks of class left and then I am off...for a year! Part of wishes the timing would have worked out like I had originally planned because I would really like just to be finished with school but I am grateful that we are having another baby and I really can't wait to meet her! I loving my new-found school freedom; the feeling of being able to breath and that school isn't dominating all of my time. Unlike last semester I don't have to feel guilty for spending time with Carson, doing projects, cleaning, etc. It has been so nice.

On a side note, aren't these boys cute!! They are the best of friends and apparantly their name isn't all they have in if only Carson would potty train as easily as his friend (more on that to come).


Blake and Erin said...

Kaleb has those SAME jammies! Actualy the last picture I posted of him he's wearing them! HAHA, I love it!

kalisarah88 said...

Good job, Tiffani! You are going to make a great nurse. And those boys are soooo cute!

kirsten and josh said...

i am so happy for you tiff! you are a wonderful mother and so smart! you are going to be a fabulous Rn