Friday, October 23, 2009


My friend Sheena recently posted a story that we were to "top that." It got me thinking of my past and the following story came to mind...maybe not as terrible as breaking your dogs leg, but funny nonetheless!

I rode the bus to school in 7th and 8th grade which required a short drive from my home to the actual stop. After getting ready I was responsible for waking my "driver" up when it was time to leave. Well this particular morning my step-dad (Mark) was extra tired, I think he might have worked almost all night and it was winter so he asked me to start his car. NO big deal. I had started plenty of cars in my 13 years so keys in hand away I went.

I sat in his car (just like the one pictured above but a light bluish silver), put the key in the ignition and turned it, the car jumped a little but didn't start so I did that a couple more times really not thinking too much of it but I was getting frustrated, when all of a sudden the car lurches forward crashing into the closed garage door! I was shocked and scared but I ran in the house anyway to get some help!

Luckily I wasn't in trouble my mom got up while we were en route to the bus stop she looked out the window and saw the garage door and she was feeling guilty because she knew Mark was super tired and she thought that it was my he who rammed the car into the garage pushing!!

That was a good experience for me because my first car,

besides being a hot pink glory also happened to be a stick. Luckily I have improved my driving since then but it was a joke for quite awhile and will still come up randomly from time to time. Good times.

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chels said...

hahaha Tiff! I never knew this one! Did I ever tell you the one about when my mom's car was parked behind my little red Geo, I was parked in the driveway and she was behind, and I was home alone and needed to leave, so I attempted to U turn in the driveway (well, more like a BUNCH of 3 point turns) and ended up running in to the garage door too!! It was a wooden garage door, so when she sold the house there was a big red scrape on the door!!! Maybe it was a blond thing for me :)