Monday, October 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Andrew!

We celebrated Saturday night with a homemade dinner with some of our closest friends. After dinner we watched a video Andrew's mom had made re-capping his life up to was awesome!

Some fun facts you might not know about Andrew include:

He was born in Santa Monica, CA
If he were a girl his name would have been Emily
He is left handed
His favorite color is blue
His favorite food is lazagne, his favorite dessert is anything chocolate
One of his favorite movies is Goonies
He has visited 9 countries
As a freshman in high school he wrestled 103lb. weight class
He has his Pilot's license but hasn't flown since receiving it
His first paid job was Stage 1 Video and he got paid $3.25 an hour!
He worked at BYU creamery as a freshman
He is (deathly) allergic to bees
His ideal job is working at home and if he won $10,000 he would save it

Then we played the adverb game which is always good for some laughs. All I know is Eric better watch out cause Robin picked up that magazine very seductively and I am kind of afraid for Kirsten after Adam violently walked across the room, knocking her into Brittany's knee and Josh so kindly re-enacted his feminine hug for the good of the picture-thanks!

It was a great night with friends, thanks to all who came and for those who couldn't make it, know that you were missed!

Thanks for working so hard, making me laugh, taking out the trash, keeping up with the landscaping, cuddling and for making my life easier. I love that he is super close with his brothers. I love his smile. I love that he has smile wrinkles around his eyes. I also love that he uses wrinkle cream daily for those smile lines. I love when he makes the bed. I love that he is financially wise and that he has an amazing talent at finding slick deals. I love when he sings...even when he doesn't know the words. I love (like) his passion for sports, go USC! I love that he sets goals and achieves them. I love how he lets me have opportunities to do things just for me. I love him for sparing me his bodily functions-I have never heard him fart! I love that he never leaves the seat up. I love that he works at home. I love that he stays active and has a fit bod and I have learned to appreciate his sarcasm.

Most of all I just love him!


You're the BEST!



amber said...

My first job was at stage 1 video too! How funny.

Jen said...

Wrinkle cream eh? He is gettin pretty old =). I love that you have never heard him and his "bodily functions" ME TOO!!!!!! Kev learned really early on that the restroom is there for a reason and to use it accordingly!!!! =) Happy Birthday. We are coming (finally as a whole family) the 19th-24th and would love to see you!!!! When do you have time? The boys need to meet and play together!!!