Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fly Fishing

Back in July I had mentioned here that Andrew was in Montana fishing with his Dad. I asked for some pictures for "the good of the blog" and they came through for me!

Here are some shots from their trip. They fished Beaverhead, Big Hole and Missouri Rivers two days each. Each day they would get up have breakfast and then start fishing. At the end of the day they had to find a way to get back to their car and instead of paying for a shuttle every day Chris bought a bike and Andrew got to bike back to the car! One day he had to bike uphill quite a ways before reaching the car, it was a workout!

One day they saw an Eagles nest, complete with soaring Eagle. Can't beat the Montana scenery.

I am so glad that Andrew was able to get away from "it all" and enjoy guy time in nature with family because he works so hard.

Cheesy grin, but totally Andrew.

I thin this is my favorite picture of Chris EVER because he looks so happy and he is in his element doing what he loves, fishing. He loves Montana and plans to buy a house up there for fishing getaways, we're not sure how Steph feels about this though. I'll admit it would be fun to getaway in the summers although I have no idea what we would do all day while the guys were fishing, maybe read a good book.

His Uncle Craig even drove up from Utah for a couple of days to go fishing with them.

I love Chris's enthusiasm on this recording, sorry it is sideways, I tried to rotate it but I think it was filmed sideways- "Niiice!"


When Andrew and his Dad fish they catch and release which is great for the fish but I would love some fresh fish to eat too!


The drift boat

Craig with a brown-I think.

We would talk each night and Andrew would comment on how pretty their scenery was and one day he said that one day they caught 40+ fish! Wow! It looks like they had a great time. Except he came home tired from being in the car and outside all day...funny how vacations do that!

What a stud with one beautiful fish. I especially love all the bright colored shirts honey!
By the way, I am still waiting for our getaway...wink, wink.

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kalisarah88 said...

Looks like they had a great time! So, what'd you and Carson do while Andrew was gone? And how are you and baby #2 doing?