Sunday, August 9, 2009


Last week my friend Brit took both our our Carson's on a little day trip to the Jelly Belly Factory. On the car ride there they were mimicking each other and of course wanting what the other had. Tours run all day and when we got there the line was short and we started almost right away. They gave us all hats that we were required to wear, the boys loved them!

Before the tour started they had us take group pictures and the one of the four of use turned out awesome but it wasn't awesome enough to buy for $22!! Outrageous prices. So we took each others pictures the carpet-not!

Carson strutting his stuff-he was actually mid dance but it looks like he is walking. I love the expression on his face! Throughout the tour a couple of people made the comment, "they're both Carson's?" Yes people, but our next kids WILL have different names.

These boys are a month a part and have so much fun together.

We ended out trip eating out and headed home with two sleepy boys only one of which took a nap that day. My Carson fell asleep for 10 minutes right before we got home and he thought that was his nap...he was a grouch but I put him to bed inhumanly early at 6:45pm-yikes I am turning into my mom!

When Carson was telling Andrew about what we did that day he said "Carson's car, candy and hat" our day in a nutshell.


Lowe Down said...

I love the one of Carson dancing that one is so cute!!!!
i had fun I'm glad we went. Carson slept in the car and that was it too!!! So i guess we both put hem down EARLY that night!
Now that I know some names you like, we won't pick any of them!!!! THanks again! I had fun

So many blogs..too little time said...

I was there that week too!