Friday, June 19, 2009

You and I Collide

Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Victoria Williams

The newlyweds.

The perfect backyard setting.

Their parents, my grandparents.

Funny story behind that one.

So the top picture are my mom's parents (Patricia and Cy) and the bottom are Dave's parents (Fenton and Joanne). Growing up we went to church with Fenton and Joanne and we lived across the street from them for awhile and would walk over to "Grandma and Grandpa Williams" every Sunday evening to chat, check out their chickens, roam through their orchard and eat dessert. My brother Andrew also chose Fenton to baptize him. It has been many years since that time and we have come full circle because technically they are our grandparents now.

Did you catch all of that?!

Their siblings.

Not that they read this, but just in case-A big THANK YOU goes out to Dave brother and sister, Jean and John. Jean for organizing the event and for making things look so picture perfect and for John for opening up his beautiful home.

Dave's best friend Steve and his wife Minnell (Stephanie Clarks parents)...apparantly the one's who encouraged the shot-gun, spontaneous, let's not tell anyone wedding.

Basically what Carson did all night around and eat chips-he would be sure to ask us every time he wanted a "chip?", "chip?"

By the end of the night Carson was the center of attention, in the pool with all of his clothes on...that's when you know it's a party!

The pyros.

I will never understand boys obsession will fire...seriously though they did a great job of making sure the floating candles stayed lit.

Group Shot.

My mom, all six of her kids, her favorite son in law, and her only granchild all in the same easy task...Dave at this point is probably wondering what he got himself into.

Welcome to the family.


Leslie said...

How exciting for your mom!! Kind of funny that people that you have called grandparents in jest are now really related! Love it. I hope they will be extremely happy - they deserve it. :)

PS - When are we going to see eachother?

chels said...

What a beautiful event, and a wonderful way for families to come together. Your mom looks so happy and that is a great picture of the two of them!

kirsten and josh said...

that is so awesome how you are all now related. funny story! everyone looks so happy! yeah!