Thursday, June 25, 2009

almost-done projects

I am sure many of you, knowing that I am a busy-body have been wondering what I have been doing with all of my free time since school has been out. Besides spending every waking moment with Carson (my heaven)going to the park, the library and the pool (Carson's favorite). In our spare time I/we have been working on some projects. I don't normally like posting home improvement projects but with the encouragement from some friends, here are the latest projects, starting with Andrew's work.

The first project you saw sneak peek of when I was painting the ceilings. Andrew's dad is a jack of all trades. He was enthusiastic about putting crown in a couple places in our house so we jumped at the chance to have his expertise and his HELP.

The crown was a little harder than anticipacted because who knew that our ceilkings are uneven! So an extra step had to be added to ensure that it would go up straight all the way around the ceiling. It was also super messy...sawdust everywhere! The project is not finished completly because we need to fill in the nail noles and then paint the crown. However, I am so proud of Andrew, it took longer than if we would have hired someone, but we appreciate things more when we do them ourselves!

This next thing is so silly and uncool but I love it! Whenever we carry in groceries or Andrew gets software or has to do a shipment we prop our door open with random things; my purse, a paint can, a shoe and with this, now we don't have to search to find a door stop because the door has its own. Seriously, if you don't have one of these, go get one! Thanks Andrew!

As for me, I have been busy "beautifying" our home.

For awhile I had wanted to recover my ironing board. I had seen a few covers you could purchase but they weren't very cute and I thought that I could make one for less than what they were selling for...and I did!

With the leftover fabric I replaced the existing "blah" curtain and recovered an old board to match for a complete look. I love how everything turned out! I also like ironing slightly more, I'm not in love but I love the fabric so it is more enjoyable for me.

Additionally, I have also made a few aprons (also pictured); one for me and one for Carson. Whenever Carson sees his he says "aarrggh" like a pirate-too cute! I also recently tried demonstrating apron making and I learned that I may be a doer but I am not a good teacher! I think I am burndt out on sewing for awhile.

Another project that has been on my mind that is not finished yet but so close is a picture wall for our master bedroom. Our room is pretty big and we have this big empty wall where most people would but a tv or an armoire. I am one of those people who believe that a room is for sleeping so the tv is off and I don't need more storage space so I didn't really want a bulky peice of furniture there either.

When I did my other picture wall I spent quite a bit on frames and for this one I wanted to keep the project inexpensive (close to #30) so I headed to D.I. in search of some frames that would look decent with some TLC.

Frames: $9 at D.I.

I only wish I would have taken a picture to capture the true hediousness of these frames and the pictures they held! They were gross!

Spray paint: $7.50 at Lowe's

mats: $10 at Michael's
pictures: haven't printed them yet
Time (sanding, painting, waiting, sanding, arranging): approx. 4 hours

Since taking the picture, a couple of frames have been arranged...I'll have to post a completed photo when I finish.

You know that they say; as soon as you get a home exactly the way you want you move...that doesn't seem quite fair and it won't happen anytime soon but I wonder what we'll tackle next...


Liz and Scott said...

Your projects look awesome! You're such a hard worker - I really need to take lessons from you on finishing projects. I love the fabric you used in your laundry room - where do you shop for your fabrics? I never know where to go, so I end up buying it online.

kelmerphotography said...

OH my gosh, that molding turned out beautiful!! I love that fabric on your iron board...what a good idea! And I have that same fabric you used for your apron :) Love the frames also!

Tiffani said...

Liz, I got all the fabric at Joann's. The apron fabric was with their cotton stuff and the other was with their textiles because it is a little more heavy duty. I have heard though that Beverly's has some Amy Butler, which I know is your favorite!

kirsten and josh said...

oh my goodness. i remember that one house that you loved... with the RED ceiling. congrats on bringing it to you instead! :D It is so beautiful. you do such a great job at making your home so great. hope you are enjoying your break!

Alexis said...

Wow, I love the crown molding. Josh wants to do that in our home too... we'll see if that ever happens. I love all the other projects. I've also been working on a sanding painting project and it is not fun... lots of work. Great job tho, everything looks great!

The Lamb Family said...

Wow, TIffani! Sounds like you have been super busy. You are always so talented and I need some tips from you! Good luck with all the projects. They all are looking great! Enjoy the rest of your break;)

jillian goulding said...

i love love love the frame collage!!! so adorable. i love random things like that can be put together to make something marvelous. good job tiff!

Kristin said...

Don't let her fool anyone! She is an EXCELLENT teacher! I will blog about my new aprons to prove it. If I ever decide to blog again! Love all your projects Tiff! The ironing board and curtain are so cute! Love the fabric! And Andrew did an excellent job on that molding!

Lowry Family said...

You are a woman after my own heart. I love the projects. I do the same thing. Too bad we don't own a home yet or we would be going crazy with painting and such.
Check out my craft blog for ideas and I also have links to other blogs that have AWESOME ideas too.