Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Splash of Color

When we moved in, one thing we loved about you was that your backyard was done and it was low maintenance. Andrew has been helping our friend on-and-off with his yard and their latest projects was sod and we were relieved that we wouldn't have to do this.

With that said, this year is our "outdoor project year" so we had done a little research and decided which plants we wanted to add to our backyard. With this week being spring break for me, we have had bark delivered and went to the nursery with Andrew's Dad and bought our plants; three purple magnolias, three red/pink crabapples, one white flowering pear, and a vine with yellow flowers. Just having them in the yard has brightened it up so much.

Carson has loved being able to get his hands dirty and play in the new bark, we have discovered however that he isn't too fond of mud because if he gets even the smallest bit on his hands he says, "uh-oh" over and over until it gets rinsed off. It has been fun to see him want to help and we have loved that he can entertain himself...for a minute or two.

The only downside to having new life, is the holes that must be dug for them...why does the ground have to be soooooo HARD? The first day Andrew was optimistic and planted four sweat!

...but he is going on his third day and has dug 5.5 out of the 8 holes but is running into trouble digging by our back fence because the ground is super rocky (they don't call it Rocklin for nothing!)

He has managed to get several large rocks out of the ground and in the process has given his baby smooth hands blisters, a back ache and a few scrapes all over...he has worked on that same hole for hours and is still not done...but he is making progress.
Thanks for your hard work, here's to 2.5 holes more!
Your cheerleaders


Alexis said...

So I am guessing you are putting in new sod too! It will look so much better and you will love watching your plants grow. I know that I am so excited to see all our plants grow that we planted last year. Keep up the hard work Andrew, it will be well worth it.

The Morgans said...

Our sod is fine...Andrew has been helping our friend with his backyard and they just got sod and we are glad that we DON'T have to do that! We are super excited for the extra color...if they ever get into the ground.

The Elmers said...

Ahhh, yes, we did that two years ago, and it was soooo insanely tiring! If it's not the rock, it's the clay, and then trying to keep them alive (well for us) is the other hard part! Enjoy your spring break!!!

Kristin said...

I didn't realize there was new stuff back there! LOVE your backyard girl! Its so nice!


I love the sunglasses picture!!!