Thursday, March 5, 2009

Athlete of the Month

I want to give a shout out to my brother in-law Connor Morgan who is a Senior at Del Oro High School. He is a great wrestler and placed at state (112 lb.) his sophmore year.

Since that time he has had several injuries and two knee surgeries that he recuperated from and despite these set backs, he has worked extremely hard to stay on top of his game. His dedication and hard work have paid off again because this weekend he is wrestling at California's State Tournament (130lb.). He has a tough first match but he is competitive and will do great! Because I have been so busy, I am sad to say that I have not seen a single match this season--sorry. I want him to know that I wish I could be there to support him and I'll be thinking about him this weekend. GOOD LUCK!

you did great last time, let's do it again...boutitboutit!

Next year he plans on attending UVSU where he has a full ride wrestling scholarship! Connor has been nominated by a local newspaper for Athlete of the Month and if you have a minute, he needs your vote!


Andrew said...

Nice post!! I'll show Connor.

Mike and Christy said...

I've been wanting to watch him wrestle all year. I wanted to go to the the meet at Del Oro 2 weeks ago but I was working at a junior high wrestling tourney. He is a stud and I hope he does great this weekend. Good Luck Connor!

starz916 said...

That's pretty awesome....and um...Conner is a senior?! I'm getting old! :(