Saturday, August 30, 2008

15 months

Carson's first love, cousin Zoie

I haven't done one of these since Carson turned one and being as I use my blog for journaling I thought it was about time for an update. Since turning one, Carson has become a lady lover, hugging all little girl whenever he sees them. He has also become a pro at saying please in sign language, but that doesn't stop him from squealing at the top of his lungs when he wants something. His teeth count is 12 (eight in front and almost all four molars).

He will bark like a dog, meow like a cat, quack like a duck, oink like a pig and roar like a lion/bear. His vocabulary is growing as well some of his words aren't that clear but we can tell what he is saying they include but are not limited to: yes, watch, flower, lunch, shoe, milk, dog, bowl, more, up, open, down, no thank you, please, ball. Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a cousin and there was a petting zoo there, Carson wasn't quite sure what to think of all the animals so close to him and he cried when I tired to get him to ride the pony.

My mom gave us this learning bench that has letter and numbers that are inside and then he can color on the outside, he loves it! He can get on and off the desk by himself. He usually gets ink all over him and then he looks at his colorful hand trying to figure out how it got there. Eventually trying to taste test it.

He also enjoys playing the piano or drums. He will honestly sit for more than 20 minutes playing the piano and he cries when you we take the drum sticks away from him.

He's our future rock star. He loves to play outside and lately he likes to watch t.v. (this is so bad but he will bring us the remote when he wants to watch a show, don't worry though he doesn't watch more than 1 program a day)

USC football season got kicked off yesterday (USC 52-Vrginia 7)Go Trojans! Although he has his "gear" on, (former USC Carson Palmer's pro jersey) he would rather play at great grandmas than watch the game.


Alexis and Josh said...

Reading everything about Carson sounds so much like Bryson with some differences of course, but the screaming I could deal without. Carson looks so big sitting at the desk, I'm sure it makes him feel like Daddy.

April said...

I can't believe how grownup he is getting! He is a little stud muffin! It was fun catching up on your blog... I hope you are surviving with school and everything! YOu are amazing! :)

Tyler said...

So does bringing you the TV remote mean "I want to watch cartoons" in sign language? Youngsters these days are becoming increasingly more tech-savy, it's pretty awesome when you think about it. Carson will probably have his own blog in a few more months.

The Elmers said...

OH my gosh I love that last pic in the jersey, how cute is that!! He is learning so fast! I love this age, it's the best...other then out in public (ya know, not wanting to be held and wanting to run everywhere ;)

Wedding Flowers By Brittany said...

How cute is he! Can you believe that he is already 15 months. We miss you guys! We need to hang out soon! I hope school is going well!

dave and natalie said...

Wow Carson is SO BIG and just adorable. Congrats on starting nursing school! Hows it going?? Being a mom and a nursing student will be busy but all worth it. Good Luck!!

Jen said...

I have SOOO found your son's twin!!!!! When he was a bit younger anyway. I stumbled onto a blog and the title has a picture of a smoosh that looks just like Carson. It is at Check it out!!!!