Friday, July 11, 2008

Can't Touch This

Our friends the Ballards are moving so that Annie can attend USC's film school. You go girl! We are sure going to miss them and of course they wanted to go out with a bang so they threw an 80's party with a drink bar, appetizers, bubble gum for every one, a disco ball and even a dj for dancing!
I looked ridiculous and and ended up with a side pony tail. Every one was dressed to impress so I fit right in. For the best dressed couple, the wife wore and looked amazing in a black leotard, leg warmers, sweat band and hot pink shirt off the shoulder, her husband was equally impressive. I'll see if I can scrounge up some costume photos of the other couple and update this post later.

Andrew was a hot 80's basketball star, he even had retro pumps! He was a little shy about wearing his short shorts so he sagged them a little.

Yes, we looked hideous but that's ok because the 1980s were ripe for the picking when it comes to bad fads. From boom boxes to Pee Wee Herman to Valley Girl speak, you’ll find reprehensible pop-culture trends in every nook and cranny of this decade. But it’s undeniable that most of the really outrageous fads of the 1980s came from fashion and clothing designers

Here’s the top ten worst 1980s fashion looks on record.

  1. Shoulder Pads: Unfortunately, in the 1980s it was considered attractive for women to look like football players. No matter the age, females sported jackets, sweaters, and even T-shirts (yes, T-shirts) with sewn-in shoulder pads broadening their frames. Was a designer so short-sighted as to not include shoulder pads in their blouses – no problem! A whole sub-industry sprouted up for shoulder pads that could be easily Velcroed inside unfashionable wears. Some theorists point to the fact that the 80s were a decade when women were beginning to really assert themselves int he workplace but is this a good enough excuse for this awful trend.
  2. Fingerless gloves: One of the more mysterious trends of the 1980s, fingerless gloves were all the rage even among music legends like Billy Idol and Madonna. While Idol preferred his made of leather, Madonna liked to rock the all-lace varietals. The style caught on with the punk crowd and has even been revitalized, albeit in wool knit versions, by the hipsters of late.
  3. Acid Wash Jeans: You were nobody in the 1980s if you didn’t own a pair of acid washed jeans. And hopefully you didn’t embarrass yourself by wearing them without tight rolling the bottom of the legs, unless, of course, you chose a taper-cut pair. Acid washing extended to every denim product made in the 1980s – jackets, skirts, vests, etc. Pair them all together, and you were sure to be the coolest kid in school.
  4. Jelly Sandals: A wardrobe staple of the 1980s, jelly sandals were popular among every man, woman, and child, and the brighter the color, the better. They have been resurrected into the Crocs are like jellies of our time– unexplainable plastic footwear that may feel comfortable, but are uglier than a pair of nurse’s sneakers.
  5. Parachute Pants: The earliest version of these nylon pants were more form-fitting and accented by zippers and various pull-ties. But over time, they morphed into the style MC Hammer made popular, which were eventually termed “Hammer Pants.” People rocking this style looked as if they had fitted an actual parachute to their person, fastening it like you might an oversized diaper.
  6. Crimped and Permed Hair: In the 80s, straight hair was for the birds. Hair was big and bold, even for some guys. The how-to for hairstyling was pretty simple: tease it to the ceiling and then lacquer it down with as much hairspray as could be mustered without suffocation, Aqua-Net anyone?! And if you had to pull it off your face, a side ponytail was pretty much your only option, lest you wanted to risk social rejection. I sported this in my 4th grade yearbook photo...I guess I wasn't a fashionista because that was soo a couple of years before.
  7. Leotards: Like many other 80s fashion items, leotards have made something of a comeback in recent times, but it’s anyone’s guess as to why. While traditionally invented as a garment for exercise, back in the 80s work out gear of all kinds were acceptable worn as regular run-of-the-mill Monday outfits, meaning the leotard was free to double as a shirt paired with jeans (stonewashed, of course), a skirt, or on its own with some requisite legwarmers – why not?!
  8. Oversized Hair Bows: Again, the world has Madonna to thank for this trend made popular in her video for “Lucky Star”. But regardless of who started it, big, floppy, oversized hair bows were all the rage in the 80s. They usually came attached to a headband or barrette for easy insertion into those big, 80s dos!
  9. Colorful Makeup: Who wore blue and yellow eye shadow, hot pink blusher, purple mascara, and bright red lipstick all at the same time? The ladies of the 80s, of course! Makeup ion the 80's could be likened to war paint – it just shouldn’t be done by anyone, unless the person is culturally obligated to by some ancient tribal law.
  10. Plastic Sunglasses: Sunglasses were not meant to be neutral in the 80s. Take these brightly colored plastic glasses that resemble Venetian blinds, for example. Also, who can forget the Robot glasses made popular by the movie “16 Candles,” which are simply a thin strip of plastic that wraps around the front of the face like a headband.

Thanks for all of our "costume rentals" and for my blogging buddies for taking a tour down memory lane with me.
What are some fads that you don't want to remember?


Alexis & Josh said...

I don't even know where I would find something to wear for a party like that. Where did you guys get those clothes? I so remember all the hot pinks, yellows, greens and orange colors. Definately krimped my hair, and I also had the side pony tail, with the bird nest bangs and those shirt ties. I was so cool!

The Elmers said...

Oh my gosh seeing these pics makes me sooooo bummed that we couldn't make it! I had even started putting my outfit together, but our week was CRAZY (seriously, not just saying that)!!!!! and we quickly ran out of time to prepare...OH well. But I must say you two are FABULOUS!!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!!

April said...

Those are so awesome!!! YOu guys looked great!! i am so bummed we missed the party! i would have totally worn my pants pegged with the fro hair, big bangs, light blue eyeshadow and etc. I personally loved the MC hammer pants!

Kristin Rose said...

Don't diss the 80's too much - it is coming back in style. I have seen big hair, colorful makeup, spandex and more making its way back to the runway and stores. What a fun time and great idea for a party!
P.S. You guys look hot!!

Sara and Ry-baby said...

Oh my goodness. Andrew in the mullet is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while! And your dress, wow. haha. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Cate said...

You guys were awesome, that was such a fun party! I love all the 80's flashback info you added to your post! I LOVE the 80's and I'm totally going to have an 80's movie night sometime!