Monday, May 5, 2008

11 months

I have to start thinking birthday because we only have one more month before Carson is one and in honor of Cinco de Mayo and his up-coming birthday, the sombrero.
Carson may have gotten a late start crawling but he is making up for lost time now because he is everywhere. He crawls up stairs without hesitation which makes me glad that we don't have them in our home. His latest passion is exploring anything that he can get his hands on and that tends to be anything that isn't a toy. Whenever he is left to his own devices, he likes to crawl over to the cupboards, grab the knobs and pull himself up and then he opens them. The other day I went into the kitchen and every single cupboard was open. Apparently, once he opened one he moved right on the the next.

When he's not his usual delightful self he is very vocal. By vocal I mean a deafening high pitched squeal that more often than not is his way of throwing a tantrum. We are in for a real treat when he hits terrible two's.
Everywhere we go he has started waving hi to strangers that pass us by. Our baby is turning into a little boy right before our eyes and I love when he experiences new things because he gets this look on his face and you can tell that he is so proud of himself for trying something new.

This month he also attended his first birthday party for cousin Zoie and had a blast! He lover being with the big kids and he even got his face painted.


The LOWEdown said...

I can't believe how fast they grow up!! I really do love this age! They learn so much, and you can tell they want to learn more! By the way... Congratulations on the marathon!!! That is sooo awesome! I know that you worked so hard, and trained so hard, and that is so great! I could never do that! I wish i could but im not that dedicated. GOOD JOB!!!!!!!

Chris and Lisa said...

Carson is such a little man and so dang cute. It is fun when they start moving and you see what little things fascinate them. My kids still love the kitchen stuff and they have always preferred mom's toys to their own (why do i keep buying them toys???). Have fun planning his party - i always love the first one!

Hillybug said...

I saw you at church too but didn't get to say hi. Carson is so big!

Anonymous said...

Carson looks cute as ever. Let me know when he wants to come over and play. Congratulations on the marathon!!

The Elmers said...

What a cutie! I forgot that they are only a day apart...right?? June 5th and 6th?? Good luck with his party!

Alexis said...

He sounds a lot like Bryson, he also throws his fits, I hope that they both grow out of that or the 2's will be horrible.