Saturday, March 1, 2008

My Homies

Last weekend we went out to dinner. We were worried about how Carson would do because he hadn't taken a nap. However, being his usual social self he immediately gets the attention of the large party next to us. The guys near our end of the table where so nice to "talk with him" and after awhile he wanted nothing to do with mom and dad so we let him so sit with his new "friends."

We moved the high chair and he soaked up his new gang for about 30 sec and then turns around with the biggest grin, I wish I would have had the camera out for his initial expression. You could tell that he thought he was so cool and big!When Carson's posse was about to leave they asked if they could take a picture of him. I was hesitant at first and although they look questionable they were nice guys but I hope these aren't the type of friends that Carson will normally be drawn to hang out with.


The Elmers said...

How funny is that to see some big tatted up guys who aren't even related to you guys, be so soft and snuggly in that pic of the two of them haha! How funny! I love his little pumas by the way ;)

The Lamb Family said...

That is so hilarious, Tiffani! Where did you guys go eat at?

I'm sorry that you had a hard day with 3 kids=( I can't even imagine how that would be like. I'm sure you did a great job;)

Pretty soon when Caylee is here, I will probably be asking you questions of how to do's.

Liz and Scott said...

That's awesome. Leave it to Carson and his charisma to attract the attention of those guys. He's such a cute kid.

Megan said...

That is too funny! What is really funny is I think I know that guy! I am pretty sure he dated a girl a work with!!! Is his name Nick? And little Carson is too cute! He is getting so big!

Cathi said...

Holy cow, that is hilarious! What nice guys. You're a good sport to let them take a picture, I'm sure glad you got one! What an awesome kid!