Saturday, October 13, 2012

Napa Ragnar

 The concept of Ragnar to me always sounds a bit like self inflicted torture but I get there and love it!  There is something truly memorable about 12 girls in 1 van running near 200 miles with no sleep!  I think it the closest thing we can get to a sleep over and we love it!
 We're Tutu Fast and we placed 3rd for our age division!  

Diana and I doing handstands...not for any particular reason either.
{I apologize ahead of time for the Tutu Overload!}

 Me in action

 Somewhere between San Fransisco and Calistoga.  The scenery was beautiful to say the least.

Our attempt to relax and get some rest...I say rest because sleep isn't possible with that much going on. In an effort to get comfortable, we were each others pillows in many unique positions.

 Carrie is officially done and I'm up next!

It's my turn, last run!
 Coming on from my final run...So back when we where doing handstands someone said that I should do a cartwheel and I committed.  {I don't think they thought that I would actually do it} but of course, I did!  There is a picture somewhere to prove it! My cartwheel got the attention of the groups that were waiting for their runners.  "You're making us all look bad!  As if running wasn't enough!" PRICELESS!
 Kirsten being Kirsten!


 Finished! Tired and sweaty. 

I had a blast, until next year!  Happy Running!

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