Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Fall is here, I hope to stay although the weather man reports otherwise! 

 Fall for us means baking, crafts, visits to the pumpkin patch but it also means college football and Andrew having a Saturday date with the men in his family-Go USC!  That leaves me for several hours with the kids...this week we decided to paint our gourds.

 I absolutely love how Owen is peeping over the gourds with a huge grin on his face; he is seriously the happiest little boy!

This girl has so much attitude, she cracks me up!

 She was so focused on making her pink polka dots.

Carson is a perfectionist (I wonder who he inherited that trait from?!) I feel kind of bad because if it's not perfect he is disappointed...because of this, I am his personal cheer leader.

Cait was super happy until Carson wanted her to share....she didn't like that idea one bit!

"Look mom, I made it to look like me!"


 I can't get enough of Owen, sweetest boy, ever!  Except for Carson so I guess they are tied!
Caitlin also likes to be a little mommy and I have noticed she is happiest being productive...I wonder where she got that?!  It is always amazing to me to see part of myself in the kids; good and bad!  
So lucky they are mine!

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