Wednesday, January 18, 2012


With Carson out of town for the weekend, I was left with just two kids which I have to say after juggling three felt like a mini vacation at times!

Although I wasn't about to drive to the beach to meet Carson, I thought that we could have fun close to home so I called my childhood friend whom I don't see often enough and we met at the Folsom Zoo.

These two are close in age but apparently Caitlin is a giant!

After arriving, the kids wanted to play at the park there so we didn't see any animals but did manage to catch the second to last train ride prior to it's closing which the kids loved!

If you've never been to downtown Folsom (or Fair Oaks) there are always chickens/roosters roaming free. These particualr chickens were fearless and came inches away from Caitlin several times before being shooed away.

It was a beautiful day and it was nice to catch up, thanks for meeting up with us Chels. Cait has been saying "friend, Gracie" repeatedly since the park!

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timandchelsieorr said...

We had so much fun too! Gracie talks about her "friend" and "baby...went poo poo!" Guess watching Owen getting his diaper changed sticks in her mind! haha We will do it again your neck of the woods :)