Thursday, December 8, 2011

Owen Thomas Morgan

After waiting for Owen to come on his own, I was induced on his due date, December 7th. I was given Pitocin which was gradually increased throughout the was pretty uneventful and pain free until 2:30pm when my MD broke my water and I got some Toradal to help with the pain and for an hour it helped and then the contractions were getting worse and although they were dulled they hurt bad! After being "forced" to push {I didn't want to because I was in so much pain} he was born at 4:32pm 20 inches long and 8 lbs. 10oz. He was a BIG boy!

I tore a little and as the MD was stitching he didn't numb me all the way so I could feel it and would flinch and being as I was holding Owen, he would cry. Dang doctor!

This picture cracks me up because it was taken right after Owen was born, I hadn't moved from the bed, nor did I freshen up I think I was thrilled that the pain had stopped!

The kids got to the hospital about an hour after he was born and the nurse was giving Owen his bath so Carson and Caitlin got to see us without the baby initially, something that I prefer and think helps with the transition.

After opening their presents from Owen, Carson was anxious to hold him.

I have never seen such a proud brother, he even reminded us by holding up both hands with a concerned look on his face that he needed to wash his hands prior to holding the baby. He is such a good boy and LOVES his little brother!

Caitlin wasn't sure what to thin of the hospital room at first. She took everything in and finally relented to sitting with me after she was sure I wouldn't bite!

We are a family of FIVE! Crazy!

Moving to my postpartum room was comical because the kids all wanted a piece of me.

Andrew took the kids home that night and when they left Cait was kicking and screaming hysterically "mommy, mommy" I cried because I felt like I was already being a bad mom. Andrew later told me that a kind nurse was nice enough to offer her a Popsicle which made her happy.

I find hospitals to be the most un-restful place imaginable so I was happy to get to home home the next day. Here Owen is ready to come home from the hospital the next day.


Kristin Jones said...

Congrats on your new arrival!!

kendra joy said...

Awwww, congrats on baby Owen! Such a cute family!