Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Laying in bed tossing and turning for an hour or so led me to get up, roam around the house and eventually settle down for a middle of the night blog post. I guess my body is trying to get me used to be "up all night."

This past week was Thanksgiving and although I am suffering through a sinus infection, {hopefully} the last week of this pregnancy and the last few weeks of school I truly have so much to be thankful for.

First and foremost is my family, especially my kids.

Carson is 4 and a half and is growing out of his pants like a little weed. He is very inquisitive and LOVES school...he almost cries on the days that he doesn't get to go! He is also super social and ALWAYS carrying on a conversation or singing-sometimes it drives me crazy but what can I say, he likes interaction and he's just a happy kid. He is really into break dancing and stretching and can almost do the splits own the middle-ouch! He'll run around, stretch and do his version of push-ups and then run to the fridge for muscle milk and then ask me to feel his muscles as if they just grew right then and there!

This picture below cracks me up! Want to know why he chose this candy? He thought they were Smarties and he made the comment that they would help make him smarter! I love how naive and innocent he is. At this age, they truly have magical thinking!

Caitlin is almost 22 months and such a silly girl. She is speaking really well and clear. CArson always talked but you couldn't always understand what he was saying. Caitlin articulates well and I think this fact will make the transition with the new baby easier. On Thanksgiving, we discovered that she can count to 10--very clearly, without prompting ALL by HERSELF! Crazy!

This girl knows what she wants and has a hard tiem when she doesn't get her way-uh-oh...we're working on that! Her favorite color is purple and her attention span is getting a little longer which is nice because she'll actually sit down and watch something with us. She loves to jump and rough around up something that I know Andrew loves but she is also a true girl who already gets excited about new clothes and shoes and loves dresses and requests flowers for her hair. She also makes you feel special because she gets super excited when she sees people and will sequel and then run to you laughing in delight.

I am so glad that they are friends. The first thing Caitlin says every morning when she wakes up is, Carson. He's usually still asleep but she can't wait for him not to be!

I am also super grateful for the man of our house whom I don't take pictures of often enough...I'll have to make that a project of mine or something because he isn't hard to look at ;) He takes care of lots of things that I don't even have to think about and it's so nice!

Love them all and am getting anxious to see what personality and dynamic our little guy will bring to our family. I am truly blessed.

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