Friday, November 18, 2011

Keeping it Real

I was recently reading an article in the Church News that I felt was just for me. It was talking about our expectations and how when we expect to micromanage and control our everyday lives is when we end up frustrated, overwhelmed and disappointing in the way the day turned out.

I like things to go a certain way {who doesn't} but this made me realize that it's ok for milk to spill and to trip over toys or to have your kids not listen all the's normal! It basically was a chill-out call to myself.

On that note, I am thankful for my little one's and their pitter-patter feet and squeals throughout the house. When they are grown I know I will probably miss their little hand prints all over my freshly cleaned window or door.

For now, I am glad that they are healthy, happy and love each other because who could ask for anything more?!

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Alexis said...

ditto. Spoken very nicely.