Saturday, October 29, 2011


Last night we attended the Clark's annual Halloween Bash. As usual, we waited until the last minute to figure out a costume. I was out running errands and Andrew calls and says, let's be mummy's! So I went to a thrift store and bought four white sheets and we proceeded to "recycle" them by tearing them up. I felt kind of bad because mid tear I saw that one of them was form Potterybarn-oops. Then we died them in black tea for a distressed mummified look.

After wrapping ourselves, which took much longer than I thought (little neighbor girl arrived to babysit and watched in fascination) Soon enough, we were off and I began to slowly unravel upon moving so that after 5 minutes or so my leg bandages were pooled around my ankles.

We had fun and I am proud of Andrew for such a good idea and I think we look pretty spooky, don't you?

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Liz said...

The costumes look great. I especially love your belly - it looks so cute!