Friday, October 7, 2011

Bishop's Pumpkin Patch

We had a mellow week so Wednesday we headed to the pumpkin patch despite the rain the previous evening and the 80% chance of rain. Thinking it might rain, I didn't really get ready as I normally would and what do you know I ran into almost everyone I knew...doesn't that always seem to happen?!

It turned out to be a beautiful day, just a little muddy but we didn't mind.

Our first stop was to see the animals. This has always been a favorite of Carson's and Caitlin didn't mind this until we went to "groom" the goats and then she was hysterical. You see, she is kind of afraid of most animals but it probably didn't help that while I was holding her I also had four goats with their hooves on me standing up {I'm sure she thought they were trying to eat her}. Carson thought it was amusing and said the goats must have known I was a mommy.

Next stop, the trains and horseys. It was cute because Carson couldn't wait to show Caitlin the wooden horses and as usual Cait can't get enough of Carson (she can say his name pretty clearly now).

This picture makes me laugh just trying to imagine what's running through their little minds. It probably went something like this; you want me to do what now?! Look at you-again. We're so over it. Just ignore her. Oh I can't wait until they're teenagers.

Look at how tall she is...don't they say double their height at age 2? Well she isn't 2 until the end of February and I would be shocked if she were close to 6 ft. She's growing like a weed.

We took in the pig races before we boarded the train, then jumped in the hay and took a hay ride to pick our pumpkins.

By this point in our adventure {the little missus sure keep me on my toes} I was wishing that Andrew was with me because I can't carry Caitlin and pumpkins at the same time and she kept tripping on the vines. Let's just say she had an emotional day.

While in the search for some perfect pumpkins, Carson found a large sqaush! He thought it was the funniest thing amidst all of the pumpkins.

I think our favorites might have just been the food; a caramel apple, corn dogs and in addition to our pumpkins we brought home apple cider and a pie...I guess I must have been hungry!

Note to self: bring your husband next time!

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Alexis said...

I loved Bishop's farm. This gets me excited to go to our farm next week! I usually end up leaving with a lot more food too, so don't feel bad, it always seems so much nicer when it comes from the farm.