Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wide Open Spaces part 1

Last week we traveled to Montana to check out Andrew's parents new place in Dillon. Andrew and his Dad have been coming up here for a week in the summer for a while now for fly-fishing and now we get to go to!

Aside from the horrendously long 14 hour drive, we enjoyed our time there! Andrew and his Dad got some fishing in and we all relaxed and enjoyed a slower paced life for a few days.

We went to an old prison

Not sure why this raggedy Ann and Andy were outside the prison but Cait was hamming it up so here you go. PLus, you would never guess that seconds prior to the pictures with Andrew and Cait that she had just been hysterical for no reason, such a faker! Glad she cooperated because, these are a favorite of mine!

We played games

We at eat MacKenzie River Pizza which we loved. Not only were the pizzas yummy but they had some delicious salads too!

I had my hands full, can you tell?!

One day we made our way to Bannack State Park which was founded in 1862 and was a mining town up until the 1950's. This place was so historic, you just don't see places like this in California! This was our favorite destination and I loved imagining peoples way of life while we toured through their streets, homes, saloons, hotels and schools.

One of the homes, the walls were literally paper thin!

With a little help, he was able to life the wheelbarrow-made of steel!

The old school house

On the chalkboard, were the original schoolmarm's rules, they were pretty strict.

My favorite in Bannack was the Meade hotel. Gorgeous staircase, wide hallways, and beautiful casing on the windows and hallways and spectacular views...let's just say I would want to live there it was massive and well built!

old school oven...the door weighed a ton!

Carson had kind of been hesitate to go inside some of the old buildings and Papa bet me that Carson wouldn't go inside the prison, well he did on his own and got $20!

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